Since embarking on his musical journey in 1998, gresade has established himself as a synthesizer enthusiast and a creative force within the electronic music domain. Beyond his role as an artist and DJ, his passion extends into the realms of design and construction, particularly in crafting modular synthesizers and other bespoke electronic music devices. This hands-on approach with hardware imbues his music with a unique texture, characterized by intricately programmed sounds and hypnotic, psychedelic vocals.

Delving into various sonic territories, gresade skillfully navigates between the high-energy intricacies of drum’n’bass and the contemplative spaces of deep electro grooves, occasionally crossing over into the dynamic interplay of electro-rock. His commitment to authentic sound creation and manipulation shines through in his compositions, offering listeners a rich tapestry of auditory experiences.

Gresade’s work is a celebration of electronic music’s vast potential, from the rhythmic complexities and breakneck speeds of drum’n’bass to the laid-back, immersive soundscapes of electro grooves, all while exploring the synergistic fusion of electronic elements with the raw power of rock. His dedication to both the art and science of music positions him as a distinctive voice in the evolving narrative of electronic music.